Real Estate Development

Keeping Habitat Homes Affordable – It all starts with the land
The acquisition of land is one of our biggest issues. Our real estate development team is crucial to the success of the organization, overseeing the direction and long range planning of all housing developments. The team is charged with identifying sites that might be suitable for development and creating solutions for acquiring property – whether through acquisitions or land donations from local cities, redevelopment agencies, and partnerships with private developers. The real estate development team’s expertise also is critical to navigating the lengthy process of entitlements and construction, including pre-construction, permit approvals, and procurement of grant funding, while working closely with community partners to ensure that the land is affordable. Key partners include cities that have initiated redevelopment programs for affordable housing as well as local for-profit developers who are interested in partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Osceola County to fulfill their below market rate housing requirements.

To learn more about partnership opportunities or to volunteer to be on our site acquisition and/or housing committee, please contact the real estate development department.

Jennifer Farrell
Logistics Manager