The Gift of Home

“There’s no place like home for…anytime”

With each passing day, we’re reminded of what it means to be loved.

And yet, just as we are thankful to be surrounded by loved ones in times of both turmoil and joy, we take for granted what it means to be surrounded by four sturdy walls and to have a solid roof over our heads.

Each year, dozens of families throughout the Osceola County area must spend their days without the comforts of a reliable home.

Without your help, the families we serve may never be able to rise above the challenges that have confronted them in life—whether they have given everything they have to help others, are refugees seeking a better life or are simply unable to scale the ever-rising peaks to financial freedom—and achieve their most desperate wish: to own a home of their own.

Your gift can help make the dream of homeownership come true.

  • For someone who has a family that loves them, and that they love.
  • For someone who has dreams and aspirations for a better life.
  • For someone who wants to help make the world a better place.
  • For someone…just…like…you.