Family Stories

Every family has a different story to tell…

Judith and Gaylord received their home in October of 2010. Here is their story.

Habitat for Humanity builds and renovates houses for people in need so that every person can experience God’s love. My husband and I are truly experiencing God’s love because of their hands and feet and faithful stewardship whereby Christ can multiply the minuscule and very small to accomplish the magnificent.

Habitat for Humanity provided for us safe and affordable housing; a basic right for those of us in need. My husband and I have exactly the right home at the right price. We are so happy and at peace, we just sit and look at it. We had absolutely no earthly way to provide this lovely home for ourselves. I asked my husband, “What is this feeling I am experiencing?” He said,“It is your home.” He was right.

When I paid my first payment I started to say, “I’m paying my rent.” I stopped and laughed saying, “I am paying my mortgage. Wow!”

Habitat for Humanity is transforming lives, including mine and my husbands. They are helping to empower those of us who have been powerless. They work based on mutual trust and shared accomplishment. Everyone has something to contribute to the work of building houses and building hope. Even my husband and I have the great privilege of putting our mortgage payments towards serving another family in the future.

Everyone at Habitat for Humanity, including the young men who helped us move, are extraordinary angels and God’s servants. We urge everyone to financially support Habitat for Humanity, no matter how small.