A New Begining for Meredith


The individual’s name in this story has been changed for protection.

The bell chimed lightly as she opened the door and walked into the ReStore. It was a happy sound that instilled hope for a new beginning. It was a hope she tried her best to believe but the scars from the past still haunted her trust. As a victim of domestic violence, Meredith was used to disappointment.

When Meredith walked into my office with a black and blue eye, she reassured me that she had sought assistance from a domestic violence shelter. They were able to provide her with a home, but no furniture. She explained to me that the little money she receives from social security is enough to pay her rent but there is not enough left over to even turn her electricity on, let alone purchase a couch, table, or chairs. She shared that her deepest desire was to have a fresh start and live her life in peace with her daughters and grandchildren.  But livelihood necessities continued to stand in her way.

Today was not going to be another day of disappointment for Meredith. The Habitat for Humanity of Osceola County ReStore was able to provide her with the essentials for a safe and decent living environment. Through the generous donations of community members and local businesses, our store was able to supply Meredith with a couch and loveseat, a small refrigerator, interior light fixtures, and a laundry hamper and detergent. Our ReStore volunteers were also able to load her new furniture in our truck and deliver it to her apartment free of charge.

When Meredith walked into our store that day, she had very little faith for a better future, but when she left she not only had material possessions to begin building a life upon, but a renewed sense of hope and the confidence to make a fresh start.

Meredith’s story is one of many ways we seek to give a hand up to individuals and families in Osceola County. Please consider donating your retired furniture, appliances, time, or finances to help us further our mission in providing every person with a safe and decent place to call home.

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