A Habitat Moment: Turner Family


Take a glance into a Habitat Moment: Jim and Jacqueline Turner* are the parents of three young children. Along with facing day-to-day challenges such as having enough money for food and clean clothes, they face the overwhelming responsibility of providing their children with a safe and decent home. The Turner’s recently lived in a small trailer with thick mold infested in the walls and roof. Because of these conditions and the absence of a heater in the winter months, their 2-year-old, 1-year-old, and 8-month-old sons were constantly sick. A sinking roof and front-door break in also caused serious threats to the safety of their family.  After receiving no assistance from the landlord, they had no other choice but to move out.

Because of a brain injury in his early childhood, Jim is paralyzed on one side of his body, making it very difficult to find steady employment. The Turners have been able survive by working odd jobs and simply going without the enjoyments many other families have. Deciding to make a solid step toward a brighter future for their family, the Turners came to Habitat for Humanity. Since then they have been hard at work completing hours of sweat equity that will eventually give them a safe and clean place to call home.

Habitat for Humanity helps real people who have real needs make a real change in their future by instilling a sense of independence and pride. Habitat aims to partner with hard-working families like the Turners who are ready to take the step beyond “just getting by” to “getting better.” Many families in Osceola County are ready and waiting to make that step. Through generous community donations, corporate sponsorships and event attendance, you can help us help this family and many others. There is no such thing as doing too little. Visit Habitatosceola.org for more information.

*Names have been changed for the safety of the family

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